3rd mayo 2023

H&T Presspart and Hovione extend their collaboration to develop new high-performance dry powder inhaler technology platform

H&T Presspart, a global supplier of drug delivery devices and components, today announced the signing of a collaborative partnership with Hovione, the specialist integrated CDMO and leader in spray drying and particle engineering, to develop H&T Presspart’s new Sunriser® high-performance dry powder inhaler technology platform.

H&T Presspart’s innovative Sunriser technology is flexible to address both the challenges of classic carrier-based and spray-dried engineered formulations and to serve an increasing variety of dry powder formulations, new particle engineering and powder processing methods.

This partnership is an extension of a successful collaboration that has spanned several years on developing and commercializing innovative dry powder inhalation devices and will see the two companies develop a new high performance dry powder inhaler technology to meet future market needs. As part of the joint development agreement, H&T Presspart will remain responsible for the development and manufacturing of the Sunriser device.

Sunriser Dry Powder Inhaler

To provide further insights into the benefits of this partnership for the industry, a joint workshop will be held at the Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD) Europe 2023 on May 3rd. The workshop entitled ‘Integrated development for Capsule-based DPIs- Solutions for New Challenges’ will be delivered by Dr. Mirjam Kobler (H&T Presspart), Susana Saldanha (Hovione) and João Pereira (Hovione).

Christian Krätzig, President of H&T Presspart, commented “Following our successful collaboration with Hovione on the PowdAir Plus DPI device development, we are once again extremely pleased to be working with Hovione in developing this next generation high performance DPI device. As the market leader in respiratory components and devices, this strategic partnership will allow H&T Presspart to expand its portfolio within the growing field of dry powder technology.”

«New inhalable therapies are often requiring delivery of higher doses of cohesive and sensitive powders. Our priority is to ensure maximum efficiency in delivering these drugs to the right locations in the lung,” says Dr. Jean-Luc Herbeaux, Hovione´s CEO. He adds: “We are thrilled to expand our current partnership with H&T Presspart and combine our expertise in the fields of engineered particles and inhalers for the benefit of our customers and patients.”

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