19th März 2024 By H&T Presspart

H&T Presspart Tarragona participates in the Ultra Clean Marathon 2024

H&T Presspart Marathon Team

Last Saturday, March 16th, a team of 7 runners from H&T Presspart’s Tarragona site participated in the Ultra Clean Marathon (UCM), a 36 km relay race organized by the Waste Agency of Catalonia in the natural spaces that run through the Osona region. The team achieved an amazing result, coming 1st in the “Fastest” category and 3rd in the “Most plogger” category.

The term “plogger” refers to the activity consisting of walking, running, jogging while collecting the garbage on the route, and that is what the race consisted of. The result was incredible with the Tarragona team collecting almost 20 kg of rubbish, with all the teams in the race collecting nearly 1,000 kg of garbage from the local environment.

The Ultra Clean Marathon is a great sporting and environmental challenge, which in addition to promoting healthy habits through sports, aims to awaken environmental awareness and the capacity for action from the teams and participants.

H&T Presspart’s registration for the race was a collaboration with a local environmental entity, “Grup Ecologista Geven”, which ensures the protection of the coastal wetlands of Vendrell and Baix Penedès, where H&T Presspart Tarragona is located.

Congratulations to everyone at Tarragona, as well as all the other teams that took part, in this worthwhile event.

Waste reduction is a part of the Sustainability program of H&T Presspart. To find out more about our sustainability focus areas, read our sustainability brochure.

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