14th August 2014 By H&T Presspart

3M Drug Delivery Systems announces collaboration with Presspart Group for 3M™ Dose Counter Technologies

Opportunity to accelerate growth of dose counter technology in existing and future MDI developments

ST. PAUL, Minn. – August 14th, 2014

3M Drug Delivery Systems Division today announces  a new collaborative agreement with H&T Presspart Group (a division of the German based Heitkamp & Thumann Group), a specialist pharmaceutical component manufacturer, whereby Presspart is now licensed to sell the 3M™  Dose by Dose Counter and Dose Indicator, adding to its expanding portfolio of capabilities with metered dose inhaler (MDI) actuators.

This agreement offers both organizations the opportunity to accelerate growth of dose counter technology in existing and future MDI development opportunities, with now expanded access to a variety of actuator configurations. 3M Drug Delivery Systems will continue to fully support current customers and offer the Dose by Dose Counter and Dose Indicator to future customers as part of its end-to-end inhalation technology expertise. Both technologies are compatible with most valves, and customizable to meet partners’ requirements. They are easy for patients to use and retain a familiar actuator look and feel.

“We place priority on meeting the needs of our customers through quality and performance.” said Peter Schmelzer, Chairman of the Managing Board, Presspart.

The Dose by Dose Counter is compatible with a wide range of MDIs and will help differentiate our products and remove guesswork for patients in the long-run.”

Presspart is known as a market leader in bespoke injection moulded components, namely MDI actuators, making this agreement with 3M an ideal match for both companies. With more than 40 years of success, Presspart is pleased to offer its customers the unique Dose by Dose Counter technology.

“We are excited to partner with a company that possesses the expertise, resources and industry knowledge Presspart has to offer,” said Cindy Kent,President & General Manager, 3M Drug Delivery Systems.

They understand the importance of details beyond the medication itself, focusing on the reliability of delivery systems.”

The 3M Dose Counter technology was the first integrated dose counter available for third-party developments that was approved by the FDA in conjunction with an MDI product. It notifies patients of exactly how many doses of medication they have left in their MDI and helps prevent them from running out unexpectedly, thus protecting them from an unsafe situation. It also has the potential to minimize wastage of medication, which may have a positive effect on healthcare costs.  Its clear display is easy to understand for a wide range of users, young and old, giving an incremental indication of doses remaining in the MDI.

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