16th March 2023 By H&T Presspart

Dry Powder Inhalation Symposium India

H&T Presspart is pleased to announce we will be co-hosting the Dry Powder Inhalation Symposium India at the St. Regis Hotel, Mumbai on Wednesday 19th April 2023.

PowdAir Plus dry powder inhalers

The symposium which will be co-hosted with Apex Inhalation, Copley, IMA, Lonza, Meggle and Signet will feature a range of speeches on new DPI devices and capsule technologies, formulation challenges and the latest DPI analytical testing techniques. The symposium will also provide a platform to network with local and global industry leaders in the dry powder inhaler market.

During the Dry Powder Inhalation Symposium, H&T Presspart’s Dr. Anselm Ebert will be delivering a speech entitled ‘ A novel and easy to use capsule based dry powder inhaler’. The speech will showcase H&T Presspart’s novel dry powder inhaler, PowdAir Plus and will discuss the benefits of the device for developing markets.

For a full agenda and to register please click here. (ext. link)

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