15th May 2024 By H&T Presspart

H&T Presspart Blackburn Invest in Plasma Manufacturing

Our Blackburn Site has made another significant investment in our manufacturing capabilities with the delivery of another plasma surface treatment station, which is part of a multi-million Pound investment which has been made to meet the continued market growth for the product.

As we support our customers with the transition to low GWP propellant MDIs, this new station will increase capacity and help meet our customer’s demand for our most sustainable MDI canister.

Our plasma MDI cans, which are compatible with both HFA152a and HFO1234ze low GWP propellants, prevent drug degradation and adhesion for various formulations, including complex and triple combinations.

Plasma MDI manufacturing facility

H&T Presspart’s Plasma technology treats the internal surface of metered-dose inhaler canisters and improves the surface energy properties of the canister helping to prevent drug degradation and drug adhesion inside the canister. Plasma also has a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to other standard industry coatings.

We are ready for the transition to low GWP propellants with integrated development, analytical and manufacturing capabilities! Are you?

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